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With several sites of historic, archeological, architectural and the military significance preserved and restored; you can time travel the centuries of Grenada's past when others fought to own and control the island.

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Grand Etang Lake is a natural water-filled crater of one our extinct volcanoes. Visitors can picnic by the lake or hike along one or more of a network of trails. 

Leapers' Hill is where the legend has it that the indigenous Caribs jumped over the cliff and into the sea to escape colonization by the French. This is a famous landmark in Sauteurs.

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Dougaldston Estate will leave you pondering the past and present realities of life of those whose living depends  on this branch of agriculture which is so peculiarly Grenadian.

Dougaldstan Estate


Grenada consists of three islands - Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, of which Grenada is by far the largest, but even so is just 18km (12 miles) wide and 34km (21 miles) long. We became an Independent country on February 7th 1974. Grenada consist of seven (6) parishes and six (5) towns.  Our national dish is called "Oil Down". 

St. George's, the capital city, is one of the prettiest ports in the region. The harbor of St. George’s is like something out of an old watercolor painting of a forgotten seaside village. Pastel-colored houses with red-tiled roofs perch on green slopes overlooking the bay, which includes a lagoon that's actually the collapsed crater of an extinct volcano. Stalwart Colonial buildings and houses are mixed with churches that are made of stone, and a towering fort overlooks the town.

The landscape is very mountainous and volcanic, giving Grenada one of the most beautiful environments in the Caribbean, with crater lakes, rainforests and coastal mangrove plantations that give way to white sand beaches, brilliant blue water and pristine coral reefs.

This is the easiest waterfall to get to, with a well tended path which is lined with local fruit trees and flowering plants. It is also one of the smaller of all the waterfalls in Grenada.


Grenada's culture is all about embracing enthusiasm. Spice Culture is expressed through music in all its variety; pageantry and poetry; dance and theatre; sport and recreation.

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We are a nation of welcomers. Ours is pure warmth. As the inhabitants of the world's only Spice Isle, as the keepers of tradition and the doers of vision, we invite you to live the Spice Experience.